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    Southern Football Tees started because of the founder, Meredith Waguespack’s  love of football. She loved it so much, all of our concepts and designs were all inspired from the game. In 2011, she opened her first e-commerce site selling our inspired football tees. As demand grew and we entered into more local boutiques, we found our style began to change. We started finding our voice and understanding exactly what our customers are wanting from us.  It’s been a slow transition since 2011, but we are so thrilled to have evolved and can offer our customers what they want.

    We soon learned our tees are not just about football but represented the sweet life of living in the South, so sweet they put it on a tee!  We don’t just love football, we love crawfish, tailgating, family, festivals and everything local.

    We wake up each day and celebrate our southern style. everyday life! 

    We thank you so much for supporting our local Baton Rouge Company! 

    So much love from our SFT Team | xoxo, 


    Baton Rouge T Shirt Company, Founder of ShopSFT